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Our offer

As renowned technicians, experienced hydraulic-pneumatic and automation engineers, we facilitate the sale of quality equipment, at the price we consider fair, thanks to our platform. We have designed a practical, simple and easy-to-use website for technicians, by technicians. With the goal of saving time and money for all users.

About us

Easy search engine

You will always end up with a solution.

We give you the opportunity to be completely satisfied and delighted during your search for industrial parts in hydraulics, pneumatics and automation.

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A wide range of products in stock

It is very easy to find the original quality spare part you need.

Always with the satisfaction of finding stock, production times and alternative solutions.

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Original parts and trusted brands

It is important to use original industrial parts that will ensure you guarantee and durability during their use.

This will give you peace of mind and ensure optimal performance.

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Pièces d’origine Direct Hydro

The right solution

At Direct Hydro, you have all the information in a clear and complete way!

Thanks to Direct Hydro, all information on available stock, manufacturing and delivery delays are simplified. As well as the calculation of customs fees and transport costs.

In short, you can be sure that you will receive original parts within the best delivery time, at the right price, all costs included.

Who are our customers?



Repairing industrial equipment is no longer a secret for you and you want to solve the breakdown in time. With Direct Hydro, you will be even more efficient, which will make the difference with your customers!



Satisfying your customers and supplying parts in record time is your priority. This way, time and price will never be a constraint again. You can count on us.



Unstable raw material prices and missed deadlines? Your objective is to supply durable industrial machines that are subject to heavy use. By choosing our platform, you will always end up with an objective and independent solution. Always at a good price, with great delivery terms and within the limits of available stocks.


Large companies

Are you looking for a reliable partner with the latest quality control standards? Your highest priority is to ensure continuity in your daily production. Let's set up this continuity together in order to ensure the perfect optimization of your daily processes. We are able to guarantee you the highest quality in every respect, for your production and your company.


End users

You know your machines and your technicians take care of their maintenance on an ad hoc basis. Together we make sure that your business runs smoothly and continuously. You know your machines now and your technicians know their tools down to the last screw!


Transport must be reliable so that your parts arrive at your home without delays or damages due to poor transport.

For this reason, we choose well-known and recognized transporters. Moreover, we give offer a variety of suppliers according to your preferences.